Cable Management

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[promo_box border=”1″ image=”421″ title=”OptiLine Mini…” btn_text=”Read More” btn_link=””]OptiLine Mini is a smoothly shaped mini-trunking range providing quick and easy concealed installation of cables and wiring for power and low voltage. ..

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Installation system with a 50 mm front opening, including a complete range of trunking, poles, posts, floor boxes, desk units and dedicated wiring devices. Especially designed for fast installation, perfect final design result and flexibility for upgrades and modifications.

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The Outline Floor box system is an installation system for power, tele and data links…

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OptiLine Furniture boxes increases the feeling of modern exclusivity in your workplace. With our new flip-up, pop up and other furniture integrated solutions you get the power and network access in an elegant way everywhere. In this way, perfecting the feel of the room efficiency right out to the outlets!


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OptiLine 45 direct click-in installation system. A complete range of trunking, poles, posts, floor boxes and service boxes…

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OptiLine 70 is a universal installation system. All products have a front opening of 70 mm, allowing 45×45 module wiring devices, c/c 60 standard wiring devices and modular devices to be installed by means of adaptors…

[/promo_box][promo_box target=”_blank” border=”1″ image=”427″ title=”Mini Pop-up” btn_text=”Reed More” btn_link=””]Mini pop up: one is ideal for the home office or in the kitchen where you need withdrawals. Mini pop up: one is to with either PTO or in combination with data port. A smart membrane on top means that the box can be pressed even when the plugs are connected to the terminals.

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