OptiLine Mini

OptiLine Mini and Altera: the molding system and equipment to renovate uncompromising

With OptiLine Mini and Alréa, Schneider Electric provides a complete solution for all your home improvement projects.


OtpiLine Mini is a set of moldings and accessories designed for you, easy to implement and fully compatible with devices protruding Alréa.
Discreet, economical, practical: the Mini and Alréa OptiLine system adapts to all situations, for a clean finish and a truly professional signature.

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ style=”line” title=”What benefits?”][/fancy_heading]
[photo_box align=”” target=”” image=”463″]Quality in every detail[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”465″]A molding that fits easily[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”466″]You make life easier[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”467″]Screw ready, ready to stick[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”468″]While flexibility[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”469″]Good resistance to painting[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”470″]Integrated Separation[/photo_box]
[photo_box image=”471″]Perfect fittings[/photo_box]